Monday, August 21, 2006

Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham is almost as famous for his acrobatic stage presence as he is for the introspective and literate pop music he writes. Part James Brown, part Mick Jagger, part Evil Knievel; Dean Wareham redefined onstage athleticism and theatricality for a whole generation of indie rockers.

This cut was recorded after Galaxie 500's breakup but before Luna's formation as a demo for Elektra records. No. 6 Records released it on a 7" that hardly anyone (including me) noticed at the time. "Anesthesia" was re-recorded for the first Luna album, the fantastic Lunapark. The Luna version is better, but it's nice to hear this one too. According to the liner notes in the recently released Rhino Best of Luna anthology, Dean wrote this song after visiting an anesthetized ex-girlfriend in the hospital who told him he was the one who was sick and needed help.

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