Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Dream Syndicate

I vividly remember the first time I heard the Dream Syndicate. It was junior year in High School and a buddy and I had driven 45 minutes to visit a mall where Bert and Ernie were appearing (yeah, don't ask). My buddy bought a cassette tape of The Days of Wine and Roses and we played it on the ride back. The music blew me away. Sure it was obviously derivative, but here was a band making the kind of music I really liked in the here and now instead of in some far off time before I was born. And it beat the heck out of Starship or whatever was getting played on the radio at that point in time.

Rhino released an expanded edition of the The Days of Wine and Roses with their first EP included as a bonus. This is a live version of a song that originally appeared on the EP. It's taken from a Rough Trade 12" of "Tell Me When It's Over." It's a quieter, but no less intense, version of "Some Kinda Itch."

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