Thursday, August 10, 2006

Redd Kross - Annette's Got the Hits

"Annette's Got The Hits" is one of the all-time great teen punk anthems. What distinguishes it from most other great teen-punk anthems is that it was actually written and performed by teen punks (actually, Steven McDonald was only 12 at the time this song was recorded, so perhaps it's really a pre-teen-punk anthem). The last time this song was in print was on a Rhino Records "Rodney on the ROC" compilation (the song garnered a lot of airplay on KROQ at the time of its release in 1979).

Redd Kross's bubblegum/punk/pop hybrid has been criminally overlooked. Virtually their entire catalog is currenly out-of-print. If you find a copy of their brilliant 1990 Atlantic CD, Third Eye grab it. Neurotica has recently been reissued with bonus material, and the cult-classic movie they contributed heavily to, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, has recently been released on DVD. Also, the Neurotica-era line up has reunited, and a new album is due for 2007. Hopefully all this activity will lead to a renewed interest in the band.

Funny story: Back when I lived with my parents for a year between college and grad school I rented Desperate Teenage Lovedolls on my parents Blockbuster account. I guess I returned it late. The next time my Mom went to rent a movie she was informed within earshot of everyone else standing in line that she owed a late fee on Desperate Teenage Lovedolls. Mortified, she assured the clerk she would never have rented that kind of film, so the clerk yells out to the manager, "This lady says she didn't rent Desperate Teenage Lovedolls!" Sorry Mom!

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Dan said...


Great stuff. You are probably already aware that the Neurotica-era version of Redd Kross are currently playing some live gigs, and there's some talk of another album. Let's hope it comes to pass.

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