Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Air Miami

I guess you could say Air Miami never took off. Formed in the wake of Unrest's demise by Mark Robinson and Bridget Cross, Air Miami released a couple compilation tracks, a few singles, a couple of cassettes, a full length album and an EP or two. Then they dissolved and the principals went on to other things. I was a big fan of Unrest's final two albums, in which they morphed from a schizophrenic D.C. punk band into anglophile popsters of the highest order. Air Miami was okay, but never really lived up to the standards of the previous band, as is so often the case. Songs like "World Cup Fever" hewed a little too closely to their Euro-trash influences for my taste.

They did get off to a very promising start with this single, "Airplane Rider." Stylistically, it is not different from the Unrest of Perfect Teeth in any meaningful way, which is just fine by me. Someday maybe I will catch up with some of the projects Mark Robinson has been involved with after the breakup of this group.

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