Friday, September 29, 2006

All Tomorrow's Parties (In German)

German language appreciation week concludes with this version of "All Tomorrow's Parties" recorded by Kendra Smith with Steve Wynn back in 1981. German is such a natural choice for this song it makes you wonder why Lou Reed didn't think to have Nico sing an alternate version in German. German also comes naturally to Smith because she spent part of her childhood in Germany. This was recorded around the same time as the sessions for the first Dream Syndicate EP. It was probably a good idea not to release it at the time as the band was being obvious enough about its primary influence without actually covering them.

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circusmoo said...

link not working.

if you would not mind re-posting at this late date. i thought it was still in my collection (in the same sleeve as the opal cover of "indian summer" -- so much for my memory).