Friday, September 22, 2006

The Pastels

Deliberately amateurish and childish, there is a very good argument to me made that the Pastels are simply a horrible band. I won't be the one to make that argument however because I like them. The Pastels started releasing music back in 1983, and for better or worse spearheaded a movement of intentionally naive, twee, and childlike pop music. I wouldn't go so far that we would never have had bands like Talulah Gosh, Small Factory, Bunnygrunt and Tiger Trap without The Pastels, but there is no denying that Steven Pastel and company got there first. But I think they can reasonably be partly blamed for the mid-90s trend of women in their late twenties and early thirties wearing butterfly bobby pins and carrying Hello Kitty lunchboxes. That was a dark moment in indie-rock culture I think most of us would rather forget.

This version of "Baby Honey" comes from the Creation compilation Suck On The Pastels, and was recorded for a BBC session in 1984. Like the earliest music of the Velvet Underground, The Ramones or Shonen Knife, it is amateurish in the best possible way.

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