Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Died Pretty

Here is a band that I really lost track of. A little research indicates that they only recently broke up, but I mostly stopped following them after their first album. I'm not sure why honestly. When Free Dirt was first released in 1986 it seemed similar what was coming out of the so-called "Paisley Undergroud" in California, although I think Died Pretty were a bit less blatantly revisionist. I liked this album a lot at the time, but I never bought another one by the band.

This is the lead off track from Free Dirt, and I think it holds up quite nicely against similar retro-flavored indie music from that era. So does most of the rest of the album.

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wbinst said...

You should really catch up with later releases by this band.

They got better with every album after Free Dirt. At least up to Doughboy Hollow.

Afetr this they got a bit commercial and then declined somewhat. Broke up in 2002.

The best live band i have ever seen...period.

Sadly missed....one of Australias most underrated...at least commercially and i'm fine with that.