Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Vomit Launch

Vomit Launch has to be one of the two or three most poorly chosen names in the history of indie rock (if you can think of worse ones, please share them). You expect a band named Vomit Launch to sound like the Circle Jerks not the Young Marble Giants' American cousins. I estimate that Vomit Launch could have sold an additional 3,000 records over the course of their career if they had named themselves the Little Furry Kittens, which would have brought their likely sales up to a respectable 3,087 units.

This stuff comes from a compilation of early material released by Teenbeat in 1994. "Star Trekking" was recorded in 1985 and originally released on the Not Even Pretty EP, "Blood On Me Eggrolls" was recorded in 1989 and is an outtake from their Rough Trade/Mad Rover LP, Mr. Spench.


Anonymous said...

See, I think Vomit Launch was a magnificent name. Although, you are correct - the band probably should have sounded more like MDC than they actually did. Ah well.

Pete Bilderback said...

It's not that I think Vomit Launch is a bad name per se, I just think it was poorly chosen given what the band actually sounded like. But I get the strong sense this band didn't take themselves too seriously and didn't look at the whole band thing as a career.

Anonymous said...

Maybe another, more aggressive, band, could call themselves Vomit Launch and that would even things out.

Also, any chance of shining a spotlight on Pink Dust, Enigma Records' brilliant modern psych imprint? They served as patrons to Plan 9, Plasticland, Jet Black Berries and Roky Erickson. Man, Enigma was weird for a while.

Pete Bilderback said...

I definitely have some of the Pink Dust stuff. I have a bunch of Roky Erickson records, I also have at least one Plan 9 and Plasticland LP. I think I used to have a Jet Black Berries Record, but I don't anymore. I will post some of that stuff in the coming weeks. I am also planning to post some stuff from Pennsylvania's garage rock powerhouse, Get Hip records. Did you know that current PA Senator Rick Santorum once played bass in the Cynics? (Okay, that is not true.)

Larry Crane said...

We sold more than 87 records. At least 7 or 8 thousand! Yeah, the name was dumb but the chances of a large audience appreciating what we were doing in 1985 was zero, so we didn't care. Oh well.
Larry Crane, www.vomitlaunch.com