Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Rosebloods

I can tell you very little about the Rosebloods. They released this song on a 7" single on the Pennsylvania garage-rock label, Get Hip in 1989. I think they were from Indiana. The sound of this song did not really match the stone-age, garage-rock vibe of most other Get Hip acts (The Cynics, The Stump Wizards, Thee Cellar Dwellers, The Heretics, etc.). This was more in a Byrdsian, jangle-pop bag with overtones of country rock. I think this is a very nice song; solid, tuneful indie-rock circa 1989. If anyone has any helpful nuggets of information about the Rosebloods, I'd love to hear them.


Dave said...

I used to see the Rosebloods a lot in Bloomington Indiana in the mid-1980s, so I always assumed they were either from Bloomington, or based there. They played fairly regularly at a place called Second Story, which was a very small, intimate pub that had many of the best 1980s "college rock" bands stop at on their tours. Saw bands like Green on Red, Dreams So Real, 10000 Maniacs, Jonathan Richman, Giant Sand play there. The Rosebloods were probably the most popular (and best) local band at the time (of that genre) and their shows at Second Story were usually a blast. I graduated and left Bloomington in 1988 and don't really know what happened to the Rosebloods after that.

Lisa Bdx said...

The Rosebloods are having a reunion!