Friday, November 03, 2006

Ted, Woody, and Junior

This one is for Ted Haggard. Why is anyone surprised when it turns out that a virulently anti-gay preacher is a closet case? Anyone who is as publicly obsessed with gay sex as Haggard is obviously curious about it. All politics and liberal schadenfreude aside, I hope that one day Ted can understand that there is nothing wrong with the way God made him. No need to lock yourself in a closet and carve a scarlet "H" on your chest Ted, just jump into the bath with Woody and Junior, cover each other with soap, and work up a lather.

1 comment:

Josh said...

"Were disappointments to their fathers,

"But they had a way with lather" (brit accent on the last word)

"And so they covered each other with soap"

"Covered each other with soap"

Dont think I am gay, but I find this line and many others wonderful. Beautiful instrumentation also