Friday, December 01, 2006

Luna - Bobby Peru (Live in the studio)

I get more hits to this web site from people googling Dean Wareham than anything else. Other than a few of my friends, I suspect the only people who have seen this site are crazed Dean Wareham fans desperately searching for any small tidbit of information about Dean Wareham that cannot be found at All Music Guide, Wikipedia or A Head Full of Wishes. Whether it is his songs, or his undeniable sexual magnetism, Dean Wareham brings people to my website. Thanks Dean.

I had a friend in grad school that had (what seemed to me to be) an unhealthy obsession with Dean Wareham. But it never bothered her boyfriend (and eventual husband), so I guess it couldn't have been that bad. I used to see Dean occasionally at Film Forum, and it is clear from many of his songs that he is a serious cinemaphile. Penthouse starts and ends with songs named after Faye Dunaway movies (Chinatown and Bonnie and Clyde). He also has appeared as a film and TV actor.

Wareham uses a cinematic reference to make the lyrics to this song much more interesting. On the surface this is another melancholy, broken-hearted love song: "I know what is the matter so why can't I fix it/Forgive me please." But the reference to Bobby Peru, the sociopath portrayed by Willem Defoe in David Lynch's Wild At Heart, gives the song a disturbing undercurrent: "I lay awake thinking/Clever things I could have said/My thoughts kept turning to Bobby Peru/How would he handle this one." Bobby Peru probably would have "handled" it by ripping out someone's spleen and eating it in front of them. I never much cared for Wild At Heart, and I think David Lynch is an over-rated director, but the way Wareham references the film gives this song an added, disturbing emotional punch.

This is a live-in-the-studio version of the song taken from an Australian CD-single of "Tracy I Love You." The original version can be found on the under-rated Pup Tent. A new album from Dean and Britta is due out in February.


Andy said...

I guess I fit into that "crazed Dean Wareham fan" category...nice post thanks!

Pete Bilderback said...

Thanks for stopping by Andy. I enjoy your website very much.

MC said...

I guess I'll put myself in "the crazed Dean Wareham fan" category as well. I liked Galaxie 500, but didn't discover Luna till much later, but the sophisticated lyrics and melodies won me over quickly and has made them one of my favorite bands. It was enlightening to know where the inspiration for one of my favorite songs from Pup Tent came from.