Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bohanna (Levine/Resnick)

[songs re-posted 02/18/2011 by request]

This is a pretty weird single. Bohanna was a non-Super-K Joey Levine/Artie Resnick project. Levine and Resnick produced a number of singles during the late 60s under a variety of monikers outside the Super-K fold (Up 'N Adam, Jet Stream, Rock Candy Mountain, Gideon, The Salt, Pattie Flabbies Coughed Machine, etc.), but never experienced anything near the kind of success they had with Kasenetz and Katz. (Though Levine would eventually become involved with Reunion, who had a huge hit in 1974 with "Life Is a Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)," a song that would later serve as obvious inspiration for R.E.M.'s "It's The End of the World (As We Know It)" and Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire.")

As far as I am aware this single was the only release under the Bohanna moniker. "Jamaica" is a propulsive bubblegum diddy about getting stoned on the beach in Jamaica and having a liaison with a mermaid. "Nightime Lady" is a bluesy garage rocker about picking up a prostitute in order to dress up in her clothes. (At least I think that’s what these songs are about, if anyone can propose reasonable alternate interpretations, I'm all ears.)


Anonymous said...

Jamaica - yikes!

Nighttime Lady - Groovy!

Anonymous said...

Heyyy maannn i have been trying to get that night time lady track man but i cannot find it anywhere, and cannot stop listening to it someone was nice enough to upload it on youtube but its just one of those that you gotta have, i hate to ask, and believe me i have looked online to try to purchase it but it aint happening man so i was wondering if you could somehow please please pleeeeasseee! hook it up with that track man! i would HIGHLY HIGHLY appreciate that man!

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ill throw in a good song in there too as a reply if you're down!