Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Marshmallow Overcoat

I have to admit, The Marshmallow Overcoat were not one of my favorite garage rock/psychedelic revival bands. It wasn't a matter of them being too derivative, because I never held that against The Lyres, The Cynics, or dozens of other 60s revivalists. It wasn't because they didn't emphasize the proto-punk aspects of the genre as much as some of the other bands--I liked some of the softer psychedelic stuff too. Something about the band just didn't click for me, despite the fact that I really wanted to like a band that would name themselves The Marshmallow Overcoat. Nevertheless, I did enjoy "Suddenly Sunday" which they released as a 7" on the Get Hip! label (the b-side was a cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows" which is best forgotten, if not forgiven). I think "Suddenly Sunday" would have been a nice addition to the Children of Nuggets box set Rhino put out.

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Steve said...

When I was little, "Suddenly Sunday" was one of the first 45's I owned. I found it at a flea market (the person had several copies for sale for some reason) and wanted my parents to buy it for me... I dunno why.

Well, nearly 20 years later, I *still* have it, though the 'Suddenly Sunday' side is much too scratched to play. I still like their "Tomorrow Never Knows", which I wasn't aware at the time was a Beatles song! (Now obviously, I know... :-))

I'm just sad I lost the picture sleeve though.