Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue

Pete and I go way back. So far back that I hardly have any memories from those pre-school days. But the oldest memories that standout most certainly involve some discussion or other over music. In those days it was mostly talk of the latest new wave offerings, with maybe some talk of which Stones or Genesis Lps were worth seeking out. Since Pete had pretty much memorized the Rolling Stone Record Guide by age twelve, he was able to say with authority such things as "Goats Head Soup is unlistenable garbage." As a matter of fact, he’s probably solely responsible for that particular record not finding it’s way into my collection until 20 some years later. Which is rather odd since I had long since filled in my Stones collection. Boy, I must have been feeling particularly masochistic that day when I finally spent actual money on an album that I knew would have been better off never released.

But we certainly had a common thirst for music back then and here it is some 25 years later and I’m writing a post for his – laugh, what else? – music blog. Who wouldda thought?

So, enough reminiscing – I’m sure there will be more of that - but onto the music.

I don’t consider myself a Beach Boys fanatic and heck I don’t even own The Pet Sounds Sessions but I do consider Pacific Ocean Blue an important part of the Beach Boys legacy. Dennis Wilson crafted a uniquely individual set of songs while maintaining the distinctive harmonies that made the Beach Boys’ sound instantly identifiable. Pacific Ocean Blue has sadly been out-of-print for many years, but vinyl copies can still be tracked down relatively easily although a quick glance on ebay shows prices at least double of what I remember only a few years ago. So if there’s any correlation between rising collector’s prices and the list of reissue candidates...? Well, one can hope.

And yeah, it is a lot better than the in-print Goat’s Head Soup.


Pete Bilderback said...

I do consider myself a Beach Boys fanatic, and even I don't own the Pet Sounds box set. I love the finished product, but how many times am I going to get the urge to listen to tracking sessions for "I Know There's An Answer"?

It would be nice to see Dennis' "Bamboo" material get some sort of official release as well. Reading about Dennis marrying Mike Love's illegitimate daughter is a highlight of any Beach Boys biography.

Peter Hennig said...

Well the folks out there who own the Many Moods of Murray Wilson lp are real fanatics.

Anonymous said...

That's "The Many Moods of Murry Wilson"--no "a"--and yes, I am a fanatic; I own that too. Unlike POB, Murry's "many moods" really suck.