Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Editor's Note

The Dennis Wilson post below is the first on this blog by someone other than myself, and it is only appropriate that it come from my long-time friend and co-conspirator, Peter Hennig. As Peter describes, we have literally been friends since pre-school. I suspect the initial reason for our friendship was the fact that we shared a common first name, but love of music has been the primary bond we have shared over the years.

So thanks to Peter for the first of what will hopefully be many posts by people other than myself on this blog. I was a little surprised that Peter would post on Dennis Wilson without mentioning my similar magnetic effect on the fairer sex, an oversite I am sure he will correct in a future post.

The photo above was taken circa 1986, that's Peter on the far left and me on the far right. Between us are Tim Hitchcock and Kyle Happersett. The photo was no doubt taken by Liz Hamel. Peter looks a little tired because he had probably just spent the past half hour listening to me rant about Hüsker Dü having "sold out to the man" on Candy Apple Grey.

BTW, now that I have actually heard it, I no longer consider Goat's Head Soup to be unlistenable garbage.


Peter Hennig said...

Pete said:"I was a little surprised that Peter would post on Dennis Wilson without mentioning my similar magnetic effect on the fairer sex"

Truth be told, I was tempted to write about your shared inclinations towards spontaneous streaking.

Pete Bilderback said...

Too cold for that right now...can't wait for Spring!

Anonymous said...

Hi- just came across your site while searching for Willies/Feelies cover of Bowies 'Fame' (yup just watched Something Wild again and looked on the ost and what! where's that song?). Anyway, you seem to have more info then anyone else so can you tell me if that version can be found on any album? Gracias.

Anonymous said...

You guys look like Squirrel Bait.

Pete Bilderback said...

Hi, unfortunately "Fame" was not included on the Something Wild Soundtrack (nor was "I'm A Believer"), and neither song was ever released on any of The Feelies albums, singles, EPs, or any compliations that I am aware of. It's possible there are some unofficial versions of those songs floating through the series of tubes we call the internets, but I've never seen them. I guess we can always hope for a deluxe reissue of the Something Wild Soundtrack (hey, it happened with Valley Girl, so why not?).

Pete Bilderback said...

I don't know about Squirrel Bait, but you might notice our friend Tim is making that upside down "okay" sign that Bryan MacLean was fond of making in Love photographs. He did that a lot. I went for the more prosaic "heavy metal" sign (but of course, even at 16, I was addicted to irony--probably more so then than now).