Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roky Erickson Documentary

This looks interesting. Roky Erickson is a veteran of the psychedelic scene who is truly a survivor. Erickson has been to the dark places of the human psyche that few of us can even imagine. For years he was bedeviled by mental illness and drug problems. He was also a victim of Texas' draconian anti-drug laws. Rather than face a manditory sentence of 10 years in jail after having been busted with a single joint, Erickson pled insanity and spent several years being subjected to shock therapy and Thorazine treatments at a state hospital for the criminally insane. By all accounts that hospital stay did a great amount of psychic damage to the man.

The last I remember hearing about Erickson he had been arrested for stealing mail from the halfway house where he lived. But it seems since then, with the help of his brother, he has put his life back together. Erickson kicks off his first tour in many moons this Friday at Southpaw in Brooklyn.

Shout Factory recently released an exceptionally well-chosen Erickson anthology, which I highly recommend. This song, Bongwater's cover of one of my favorite Erickson tunes, comes from a 1990 Erickson tribute album.

You Don't Love Me Yet
[right click to download]

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