Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'll have a tall, no foam, 2%, caramel Macca-iatto

If you visit Starbuck's today you will hear Paul McCartney's new solo album playing. If you work at Starbuck's you'll hear it all day long (unless you did the only sane thing and called in sick). Apparently, McCartney's new solo album, Memory Almost Full, is the first release by Starbuck's and Concord's Hear Music label. (At least that's what this article says, although it seems to me like Starbuck's and Hear music have been releasing music for a while now. I suspect I am missing some nuance.)

If you are allergic to coffee, you can download the album from iTunes or eMusic, or buy it from a traditional music retailer. (Interestingly, since this is not an EMI release, it is not available in a DRM-free, higher bit rate version at the iTunes store, unlike the rest of McCartney's EMI controlled solo catalog).

I don't really have anything to say about Starbucks as a music label, I just wanted to post that clever title with "Macca-iatto" in it. Obviously a lot of people buy music at Starbuck's these days.

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