Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Perfect Disaster - Up

Sometimes I will come across a couple tracks that I know are out-of-print, that I think are worth revisiting, and that I'd like to post here, but unfortunately I have nothing interesting (or even uninteresting) to say about them. Such is the case with these two tracks from The Perfect Disaster's 1988 LP, Up. The best I can do is tell you that Joesephine Wiggs went on to become a member of the Breeders and John Mattock joined Spirtualized, but you could have figured that out with a quick google search if you didn't already know it.

I never saw The Perfect Disaster live (although I bet they were good). Their music didn't change my life. But I hope you dig these two tracks nevertheless. The Perfect Disaster's final album, Heaven Scent, is available at iTunes.


HughieD said...

Good choice of songs off "Up". They Changed my life. Saw them three times in all live and they were excellent.

Long live the Perfect Disaster!

Also check out Oedipussy's "Divan" LP. Classic album. Phil Parfitt's post-Disaster solo project.

Anonymous said...

an absolutely fantastic record by a massively underrated/unknown band. B52 is the best Velvet Underground rip off ever and has, for 20 years now made feel like the coolest motherfucker in town every time i hear it...