Friday, April 11, 2008

Dennis Wilson Finally Reissued

I like to mention when music previously featured on this blog gets reissued, and I have some very good news on that front: the late Dennis Wilson's lone solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, is getting the Legacy Deluxe Reissue treatment on April 15th. Dennis' critically acclaimed, but light selling solo album has been out-of-print for ages and has been fetching ridiculous prices on collector's markets of late, so this is definitely most welcome news (unless you are the guy who has a copy listed on for $555.00). Even better news is the fact that disc two of the set will include choice cuts from the sessions that were to comprise Wilson's never finished second album, Bambu.

It's crazy that it has taken so long for this reissue to happen, but it looks like it is being done right, having been re-mastered from the first generation analog master tapes. Sundazed will also issue a limited edition 3 LP set, appropriately enough, on blue vinyl. Better late than never!


Peter Hennig said...

This is great news for fans -- and hopefully will turn others onto Dennis' music.

I haven't heard any of the Bambu sessions so that's 20 new tracks - Looks great!

Pete Bilderback said...

I am also looking forward to hearing the Bambu material. I've seen lots of bootlegs over the years, but never picked one up. Generally speaking, I am not too into boots. Good to see it getting an official release.

Mark N. said...

It's always encouraging to hear when excellent, overlooked, and/or neglected music finally gets the reissue treatment. Dennis Wilson was much more than the "good- looking Beach Boy."

Now, I'm just waiting for someone to re-issue the Feelies' "Good Earth" and Bob Seger's long-neglected late '60s/early '70s albums.

Pete Bilderback said...

Seger gets crapped on by critics because of the music he made later in his career (which really isn't so bad either), but his early stuff rocks hard, no doubt about it. I think his first seven or so albums are out-of-print at the moment.