Friday, May 23, 2008

You Make Me Die (More Mud)

In my last post, I didn't include "You Make Me Die," the third song on Mudhoney's "You're Gone" single, because I mistakenly thought it was included on the March To The Fuzz compilation. It's not, so here it is. The backing track was provided by Mudhoney, while the vocals were recorded separately "somewhere in England" by garage rock primitivist Billy Childish. For no reason in particular I've also included the original recording of the song by one of Billy's many bands, Thee Mighty Caesars, as well as another version of it by Mudhoney recorded for the BBC, this time with vocals by Mark Arm.

But that's not all you get today folks. I'm also re-posting a song that I posted a while back. It's "Itchy Itchy" by Professor Morrison's Lollipop. Why? Because in my mind I've always been able to hear Mudhoney covering this song. Can't you hear Mark Arm singing "I've got an itchy itchy lady bee buzzing all over me now"? If any of my readers happen to have a Mudhoney connection, please recommend they cover this song--it would make a pretty cool B-side.

Happy Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I haven't heard "your gone"
someone stole my 7 Inch in 1996
Green Vinyl too-so anywho much appreciated and cannot wait to see them Live this summer at the Isis in Pontiac Mi
T.A. Schultz

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Anonymous said...

Itchy Itchy really sounds like something from my youth in the 60s. I can't find any details on this track and I would appreciate some help. ~ jack at