Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Diddley

Thanks to Guy for pointing this one out to me. This is an amazing performance. It looks like the hippies were digging themselves some Diddley. And check out the psychedelic editing. Groovy!


Mark said...

Did every long-haired white person in the late sixties look like (and dance like) a complete dork? After watching this and plenty of other vintage '60s concert footage, that is the conclusion I've come to!

Bo Diddley definitely rocks the house. That is one hell of an incendiary performance. I used to have a Diddley "best of" cassette that I have since lost--now I'm thinking it's time to look for a good comp. on CD (or maybe join the 21st century and dowload some stuff).

Pete Bilderback said...

Mark, the answer to your question is emphatically, "yes." However, in fairness to the white people who came before me, I should point out that these dorky hippies are likely better dancers than you would spot at an Arcade Fire or Iron & Wine concert.