Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The New Seekers - Pinball Wizard

Yesterday I almost picked up a still-sealed copy of The New Seekers' 1973 album Pinball Wizards at my local Salvation Army. I passed on it because the Salvation Army was asking $2 per record. I just think $2 is more than you should have to pay for a record at the Salvation Army. That and--let's face it--I doubt I would ever listen to the album all the way through even once, and I only have so much space in my house. Watching this video was no doubt more entertaining, and as a bonus takes up less space and is free.

I guess it's not entirely fair to say I was acting on principle, if it had been another Verve album, say a still-sealed original pressing of The Velvet Underground & Nico with a still intact banana, I would probably have shelled out the $2.

This brings up another question that I am going to put to you, my readers. I recently came across a still-sealed copy of Telly Savalas' legendary Telly album. Usually this is the kind of camp stuff I would scoop up in a second. But the album was priced at $10, and the joke would seem a lot funnier if it only cost me $3. So I ask you (provided I can get the record store owner to knock a couple bucks off) should I buy the album and (of course) present one or two of the tracks here?


dan said...

I've had the distinct, er, pleasure of hearing the Telly Savalas album, or at least part of it. My then-best friend's sister loved the guy in his Kojack prime. All I remember is the "Who loves, ya, baby?" stuff, but that has to be worth $10.

Anonymous said...

if it was right you woulda done it straightaway.