Monday, July 21, 2008

Fetchin' Bones now on iTunes, etc.

I noticed that Fetchin' Bones three (long out-of-print) Capitol albums are now available as downloads on iTunes, and at Amazon. I'm pretty sure this is Bad Pumpkin's debut in any digital format, never having been released on a certain shiny silver format that was popular in the later part of the twentieth century.

I still have the first album and Bad Pumpkin on LP, but somewhere along the line I lost my copy of Galaxy 500, which may have been my favorite album by the band. So I took the opportunity to download it from iTunes. Listening to Galaxy 500 again is like a visit from an old friend (and not the kind of old friend who stops by to complain about their kids and boring job either, the kind of friend who still knows how to party). Beholden to no genre or conventions, Fetchin' Bones' music still sounds incredibly fresh to my ears.

I consider the digital reissue of albums like this a very encouraging sign. Fetchin' Bones aren't that obscure, but the bulk of their music has been unavailable commercially for years. With the multiple digital distribution models available today, there's no good reason for even relatively obscure music not to be made available in a way that allows artists and their labels to earn royalties on their work. Of course, if more obscure indie-rock gets re-released officially, I'll have little left to post beyond my Chipmunk Punk album. [Actually, I see Chipmunk Punk is available through the Chipmunks' iMunks website, so forget that.]

My only complaint is that the download of Galaxy 500 did not include the original CD-only bonus tracks, including their earth-shattering take on "Superfreak." (If any of my readers have a copy of that let me know, I'd love to offer it here.)

Perhaps I should give Monster another chance too?


Anonymous said...


I have Galaxy 500 on CD. I'll send it to you this week. I remember the other bonus tracks being pretty good as well.


Pete Bilderback said...

Thanks. I know had that album on LP, but I remember hearing the bonus tracks ("Superfreak" plus some live stuff) a long time ago. It was probably your copy I heard.

fantom said...

The live reunion concert disk released last year is pretty good (still having watched the DVD disk, just jammed to the CD so far)...