Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back From Vacation

Some kids parents' drag them to Disneyworld. Others are forced to sit in a car for hours just to get a brief glimpse of something you can easily see in picture books like the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls. My kids are much luckier than that--Daddy took them to the Princeton Record Exchange. With over 150,000 titles in stock it's an awe inspiring experience, one I'm sure they will not soon forget.

I'm back from vacation now, and will be posting regularly again soon.


Darren said...

There's much to love about that photo, but I'm pretty sure my favorite part is the throw-back O's cap.

Pete Bilderback said...

I probably own 10 or more Orioles hats, most of them feature the old-school cartoon bird. I never really liked the newer "orthinologically correct" birds.

I took in a game at Camden Yards while in MD. Os fans were outnumbered by Red Sox fans by about 3 to 1. It was kind of depressing. I live in New England so I'm used to Sox fans, but they are not such a welcome sight in Baltimore, at least not that many of them.

Mark said...

Hi Pete, nice to have you back. It makes my web surfing more enjoyable now.

Regarding Red Sox fans outnumbering O's fans at Camden Yards, I can vouch for the same thing happening in Detroit about nine years ago when I saw a Tigers/Indians game at Tiger Stadium. Indians fans outnumbered Tiger fans at least 3-1 (maybe closer to 5-1). Very depressing!! (Luckily, things have changed recently with the Tigers being more competitive--hopefully the same will happen for the O's).