Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Archies Return!

The Archies have returned with their first new album since 1971's This Is Love. Unfortunately, despite the involvement of Ron Dante, it sounds like this The Archies Christmas Album Featuring Betty & Veronica bears little resemblance to the band's previous incarnation as a bubblegum powerhouse. In fact, if Tim Sendra at AllMusic is to be believed the new album is quite a dud. I'm willing to take his word for it.

Also, It's too soon to think about Christmas.

UPDATE: An anonymous reader takes issue with Sendra's judgment. This video may help you make up your own mind.


dan said...

Wow. I have to say I'm surprised that Archie would agree to work with Reggie, again, after his negative comments in the 1971 Rolling Stone interview. I'm glad to see that Jughead has recovered from the excesses of the 1980s too, when he was trawling the depths of LA looking for more than a cheeseburger...

Pete Bilderback said...

Most of the bad blood between Archie and Reggie had to do with Archie's insistence that the band finally include his anti-Vietnam War anthem, "What Goes On," on This Is Love. Reggie was extremely reluctant to mess with the bubblegum formula and stretch out into so-called "message music."

Of course Reggie was also a hawk and a Nixon man, while Archie supported McGovern and then RFK (who can forget Archie's stirring solo performance of "What Goes On" while campaigning for RFK?). Indeed, it was these long simmering political tensions that finally fractured the group back in 1971.

From what I understand Reggie and Archie have agreed to put their political differences aside to work together again (although as we all know Archie is a prominent Obama booster, while Reggie supports McCain).

Anonymous said...

Tim sendra is an indiot.The Cd is actually very good and has very good talented young singers as well as great guitarn work.I lovd it.

Danny D said...

That song sounds as good as the older ones by this group. For petes sake its a comic strip group and it still sounds great. Toe tapping music. I liked it

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this review.
What is wrong with reviewers today.
Why did Tim have to slam the production. It's not meant for him.
It was produced for the Tween market and who better or more deserving to sing than The Archies characters.
I think the reviewer was just upset that HIS favorite writer/producer did not have anything to do with this CD.
What was his agenda in saying such nasty things about the young girl singers, the arrangements and just about everything in the album. It's not fair when one person gets to do damage like that.
In this economy where the music industry needs help getting people to buy cd's a good album does everyone a service.
A raising tide raises all boats.
I just wish Mr All Music would stick to reviewing music he knows something about and leave other types alone.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this reviewer.
What in the world was he listening to or did he ever hear the recording.
It's a terrific album with wonderful teen singers and terrific arrangements.
What was his problem.
I think Tim is upset because HIS favorite writer/producer didn't have anything to do with this project. Hidden Agenda at work.
Why would he slam it and put down everyone who worked on it.
Doesn't he know that the music industry needs all types of records and he should not be the be all end all on All Music.
His taste is lousy for my money.

Anonymous said...

OK I watched the cute video and listened to the song and I can honestly say its pretty good. The voices sound young and fresh and the song rocks. The reviewer probably just doesnt understand this type of music and shouldnt be reviewing music like this I guess.Different strokes for different folks.

Anonymous said...

It's not fair to judge the entire new Archies album by one cut.
Check out http://www.myspace.com/archiesusa to listen to a bunch of songs.

Walter said...

Thanks for giving the myspace out there are six songs on there and a few are really great. Here comes santa clause is awesome and have yourself a merry little christmas I liked alot and also the new one called Christmas in riverdale. I didnt like Archies Christmas party because its too corny. Overall it sounds as good as any other Christmas music I have heard.I think the reviewer is an uninformed dope.

bobbyrad said...

Here are the myspaces for the two young girls that Tim Sendra bashes. They are beautiful to say the least and very talented. Tim Sendra is an ass.


Pete Bilderback said...

Wow! I did not expect passions to run so high over my Archies post. I would advise Tim Sendra not to make any trips to Riverdale in the near future.

First, I want to say that I am not in the demographic the producers of this album are looking to attract, so it matters little what I think. I did listen to the tracks on MySpace, and I'll just say I prefer 60s gum to 00s gum and leave it at that.

I agree that Sendra's review is a bit unfair, and his statements about the two young women who sing on this album are harsher than anything I would say (and are not in my opinion accurate).

It's unfortunate, but sometimes music critics are so eager to prove how clever they are that they lose sight of the fact that real people were involved in the production of the music at which they aim their barbs. File that under "those who can do, those who can't do music criticism." That is a fact that I always attempt to remain humbly aware of when I write, and when I slip up and forget, I regret it.

But Sendra is right to note that this is more Hannah Montana flavored bubblegum than vintage Archies flavor. How you feel about that will probably depend on how old you are.

bobbyrad said...

Thanks Pete for that common sence approach to the subject. Not everyone will like any particular album especially one thats geared towards a certain market and to say that you dont like it, is certainly a reasonable criticism and one any reviewer is entitled to, but to call young talented beautiful girls who are role models for the younger generation amatuers is going too far and shows some sort of bias thats not based on any fact. Last time I checked most people dont win Grammys, like some of the people who worked on this cd have and most young girls dont sound like these two do, if you dont believe me just ask the typical tween to belt out a tune and hear for yourself. I stick by my comment. Tim Sendra is an ass.

Jenniferkat said...

I got this cd from amazon today and its great. The best part of it is the vocals of the teen singers. They are very talented and sound amazing. My kids loved it also and I am happy I got it so fast.

Jason said...

I always buy holiday music and just got it off I-tunes and was surprised just how good it actually is. I wasnt expecting much but this music is great. There is something here for everyone and the talent is first class. Tim Sendra is a DUMBASS.

Anonymous said...

Ron Dante released this Archies Christmas album to showcase Kelly-Lynn and Danielle Van Zyl. They're both very talented singers.

Ron promised more Archies in the future with more of his lead vocals.

After all these years his voice still sounds the same. On top of that, he doesn't look a day over 40.