Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"New" Buena Vista Social Club Album

I'm not sure why it took Nonesuch 10 years to get around to releasing a live album of the Buena Vista Social Club's 1998 Carnegie Hall show (it's the show that was filmed for Wim Wender's must-see 1999 documentary), but I'm grateful they did.

Wender's film provides ample evidence that the band absolutely tore down the house at this show. The live version of "Candela" in particular is among the most, er, incendiary music I've ever heard. The only sour note is the knowledge that vocalist Ibrahim Ferrer, pianist Rubén González and guitarist/vocalist Compay Segundo have all passed on since this historic night of music making.

Best of all the album is being released on double LP with a bonus CD set included. Other recent Nonesuch LPs I've purchased have been outstanding pressings, among the best I've heard, so I'm really looking forward to hearing this.

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