Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaks And Geeks - Tricks And Treats

This is a great clip from "Tricks and Treats" the Halloween episode of my all-time favorite TV Show, Freaks and Geeks. I signed petitions to keep this show on the air and to get it released on DVD. Fortunately, the later effort was successful. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the clip in which know-it-all uber-geek Harris claims that

...this year there's a bunch of evil hippies who don't want Reagan to be president. So to disrupt the election, they're going to inject the candy with heroin. Turn kids into addicts.

If I remember correctly, this was an actual rumor that made the rounds back in 1980. Unfortunately, the liberal media covered up the devastating consequences of this plot. Back then we didn't have fair and balanced media outlets like Fox News that were willing to report on the radical left's attempts to destroy our country from within.

I highly recommend you adhere to my five updated Halloween safety tips so that you don't become a victim of whatever nefarious schemes the evil hippies have planned this Halloween in order to prevent a McCain presidency.


World of Julie said...

The problem now with Freaks and Geeks is that it makes me heartbroken to think about it. I am with you: best. show. ever. And now I can never decide if it's better or worse for the fact that it literally makes me feel like I've been dumped every time I think about it. Still.

I love how in the commentary for the Halloween episode they answered the question about why on earth they were all trick or treating during the day -- because it's a lot more expensive to have a bunch of kid actors out after dark.

Pete Bilderback said...

Yes, that commentary was hilarious. You would think they could have shot it "day for night" at least. But having the geeks wandering around in costumes in full daylight lends a certain bizarre awesomeness to the scene.

I still get pissed when I think about what happened to the show. It got moved around way too much to find a big audience.