Monday, October 20, 2008

Shelley Stuart & The Five Stars - Vampire Husband

"Vampire Husband," a tale of a wife attempting to reconcile her love for her husband with his undead status, is one of those song-poems that has to be heard to be believed. With awkward rhyming couplets like, "You promised to never hurt a hair on my head/But you are strictly, strictly from the dead," and Stuart's slightly off-key vocals, "Vampire Husband" is pure song-poem bliss. I have no idea who wrote this gem, or what the author's intentions might have been. But listening to this song about a woman who is terrified of her husband, it is hard to get around the suspicion that there might be some non-supernatural form of domestic terror lurking just beneath the surface of these goofy lyrics, and that makes the song genuinely creepy.

"Vampire Husband" was cut by the Boston based Sterling label. Vocalist Shelley Stuart was the wife of label owner, Lew Tobin, who likely plays the keyboards on this cut. This song and many others song-poem classics are available for download for free from WFMU on the I Like Yellow Things: MSR Madness, Vol. V compilation.

And is it just my imagination or did Lew Tobin have Rod Argent's keyboard playing with the Zombies in mind when they cut this spooky track?

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