Monday, October 13, 2008

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street

Thanks to Guy for pointing this YouTube video out to me. It's Stevie Wonder doing an epic take on "Superstition" live on Sesame Street. Guy remembers being completely freaked out by this as a four or five year old. I can understand why, I am not sure children that age should be exposed to music this funky. I have to say, this version completely crushes the studio version of the song from Talking Book.

Unfortunately, I don't remember seeing this. I would have been three years old on April 28, 1973, so I would have been the right age. Perhaps it's buried somewhere deep in my subconscious.

It's always been a bit disappointing to me that neither of my kids has ever shown much interesting in Sesame Street (although as I type this Will is wearing an Elmo t-shirt that Amelia picked out for him to wear today). Will also completely wore out a Cookie Monster shirt (Cookie Monster is pure id, so of course children love him). But just a couple weeks ago, I could not talk Will into letting me buy him a Bert t-shirt. "Come on," I said, "you'll be the only kid in school cool enough to have a Bert shirt." He told me if I could find him another Cookie Monster shirt, he'd wear it, but Bert wasn't happening (Bert is all superego, so I guess he's a tougher sell).

Anyway, from the little bits of Sesame Street I've seen over the past several years, I can tell you without a doubt it is nowhere near as cool, or dangerous, as this. Check out the kid with the long hair in a full-on funk freak-out on the fire escape. Awesome!

And here's Stevie teaching Grover a little bit about soul.

Finally we have a Wonder's vocoder drenched classic written specially for his Sesame Street appearance.


Peter Hennig said...

This looks familiar to me -- but I may have seen it re-broadcast since I was pretty young too -- 3 y.o. at the time. I always loved Stevie Wonder growing up and his music naturally connects with kids.

Sesame Street has definitely changed over the years and in a typical 'sign of the times' that we unfortunately see too much of these days, they are now partnering with the Department of Homeland Security.

Pete Bilderback said...

It's good to see Sesame Street helping in the important mission of keeping our children in perpetual state of fear. A police state is much more difficult to maintain in its absence.

The absolute worst show in this regard is another one on PBS called Danger Rangers, it literally teaches kids to be afraid of everything.

theneedledrop said...

So I guess this proves it: There was never a time when Sesame Street didn't rule.

World of Julie said...

I think I watched this the same day you did, and suddenly got all worried that I wasn't properly schooling my kids in the ways of Stevie.

Perhaps even more fun is Paul Simon doing "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard" where he almost gets overshadowed by this little girl next to him totally getting down on him.