Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Request...

Sony/Legacy has a reissue request feedback forum. You can go there and request specific reissues. Users can also "vote" on other requests. I put in a request that Sony start using their original analog master tapes rather (or at least hi-rez DSD digital copies) for their LP reissues. I don't see much point to buying an LP that has been mastered using a CD resolution digital file (which is apparently what Sony has been using for their recent LP reissue series).

So if you agree that it would be preferable to master LPs from the original analog master tapes, stop by the Sony/Legacy forum and vote for this request. You must register, but the process is quite painless, you can even use your google/yahoo/AOL ID.

While you're there you can also vote for my suggestion to reissue Sly Stone's High On You and Heard Ya Missed, Well I'm Back. You can also put in a request for vinyl reissues of some of Bob Dylan's more recent albums, and a reissue of Neil Diamond's complete Bang recordings, or add your own suggestion.


Peter Hennig said...

Wow, people over there love their Michael Jackson.

Some good suggestions overall -- it will be interesting to see how this works out.

Pete Bilderback said...

Yeah, I didn't realize MJ still had such a following.

I will say this for Sony/Legacy, it is clear that they at least read these requests and take them seriously. Some of the suggestions have become releases.