Friday, July 03, 2009

Galaxie 500 Reissues

Great news for Galaxie 500 fans. damon & naomi's label, 20-20-20, has reissued Galaxie 500's three studio albums on premium vinyl and as digital downloads. These albums have long been unavailable on vinyl, and the original Rough Trade pressings were nothing special to begin with. The band seems to have gone all out to make these LPs sound as good as possible. The vinyl was "remastered by Alan Douches and [original producer] Kramer at West West Side Music, cut by Kevin Gray at AcousTech, pressed to virgin vinyl at RTI, and packaged in old-fashioned tip-on style jackets at Stoughton." You really can't ask for better than that, so I'm very excited to hear these. (As an aside, I can't help but note that while these are being reissued on LP--a format declared dead around the time the albums were originally issued--they are not being re-released on CD. Who's the dead format now?)

The albums are available from Galaxie 500's official online store in a variety of ordering options. MP3s are have been encoded at 320kps, but even better the band has made Apple Lossless files available for download at the same price (a practice I hope more bands and labels will follow). If you only want the vinyl, you can order the LPs directly from 20-20-20 for only $15 a piece. This is a very reasonable price for LPs mastered at AcousTech and pressed at RTI, most labels charge nearly twice that much.

As for the music, I can say without fear of hyperbole that these are three of the best indie-rock albums ever released, as well as some of the best albums released during the 1980s. If you know Galaxie 500 you already know this, if you don't I strongly recommend you download the free MP3 of "Fourth Of July" as well as the video for damon & naomi's "Song to the Siren" (see below).

Happy 4th of July!


Peter Hennig said...

That's really good news -- I picked up the recent reissue of More Sad Hits a few months ago and was very impressed with the attention to quality. And as you mentioned Pete, these will most likely be as good or better than the original pressings.

A vinyl reissue done right!

Pete Bilderback said...

I love More Sad Hits, and I would bet you serious money that the reissue kicks butt over the original Shimmy Disc LP I own.

This is especially true of the first copy of the album I bought because Shimmy Disc (who never printed titles on their labels) put the wrong LP in the sleeve. It was the Grenadine LP, Goya instead of More Sad Hits. At first I just figured they wanted to go in a really different direction post Galaxie 500, but then "I Only Have Eyes For You" came on and I knew something was seriously wrong.

I bought a different copy of More Sad Hits, but it was noisy, as was pretty much every Shimmy Disc LP. I guess quality control was not their strong suit.