Thursday, June 03, 2010


On any other day the retirement of first-ballot Hall-Of-Famer Ken Griffey Jr. would be the top story in baseball, but not today. Check out blown call that denied Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game.

It's 2010 and it is long past time for baseball to institute some sort of automatic replay. This kind of thing is just embarrassing for the sport. I know many feel the games drag on too long already, but there are a million ways to institute replays that would not add significantly to game times. For example, each manager could be given two challenges per game and the automatic ability to challenge any play that would end a game.

Of course, any future rule changes will do nothing for Galarraga, who was unfairly denied one of the rarest accomplishments in baseball (there have only been 21 perfect games in MLB history although, strangely, this would have been the third perfect game pitched this season).

With so many displays of boorish behavior from athletes, I think it is worth singling Galarraga out for praise for his reaction to this blown call. It would have been entirely understandable if he had blown his top, but he stayed remarkably calm and professional. If he can't (officially) be remembered for pitching a perfect game, he can at least be honored for behaving in a manner that would make any mother proud.

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Peter Hennig said...

It's criminal if he does not get a ruling on this! He was out by almost a full step -- I agree with everything you said here. There needs to be something in place so this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Human error is part of the game on both sides with the players and officials but we should be able to correct an obvious bad call.