Tuesday, July 27, 2010

College Radio Project - Call For Submissions

A recent story in my College's alumni magazine got me thinking a bit about the time I spent in college radio. The article featured some nice quotes from my friend David Brower, who preceded me as the station's Music Director and has since gone on to become the Program Director at WUNC, a public radio station in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Thinking about this made me decide to embark on a modest project for this blog. I'd like to collect and publish some of my readers' memories and anecdotes from their time in college radio.

I'm looking to document peoples' experiences, so you can send me amusing stories about your time as a College Radio DJ, or simply memories of listening to a college radio station. Maybe you want to tell me about the time you got a phone call from a death row inmate who just had to hear "The Rainbow Connection" one more time. Maybe you have a story about the time you were so stoned you didn't notice "Dark Star" had been skipping for an hour and a half. Or maybe you want to tell me about the time you heard a College Radio DJ create a weird sound collage by mixing together bits of "The Rainbow Connection," "Dark Star" and the theme song from The Six Million Dollar Man, or the time you heard They Might Be Giants' "Don't Let's Start" five times in an hour via your local College's airwaves and thought you would go insane.

Did you learn anything from your experience? Can you place your memories in some broader social and/or political context? It doesn't matter to me, so long as you can remember it. I'm interested in stories from any time period, from the present day back to the 60s and beyond. I can publish the stories anonymously (with names changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty) or with full attribution depending on what you are comfortable with. All I ask is that the stories be true (or at least based on real memories). So please don't send me your screenplay about the rebel College Radio DJ who fights the power, sticks it to the man and refuses to back down by playing the music of Live Skull and Pussy Galore. Submissions can be as short or as long (within reason) as you like. You can send submissions to me at wpbilderback [at] gmail.com.

To my regular readers, I've installed some magic buttons at the bottom of this post that allow you to share it via email, your own blog, twitter, facebook and even google buzz (yeah, I know). Please consider using one of these methods to help spread this call for submissions beyond the confines my normal loyal readership.

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Chris DiOrio said...

'DCV will forever make me think of my first year at Dickinson, walking down the spiral stairs in the HUB and hearing "Sunflower Suit" for the first time, and knowing I had found a home. Pretty sure you were on-air, and that may have been the first time I met you. Having come from Bucknell (where Edie Brickell was considered underground), hearing Buffalo Tom coming from the station was what I imagined it must sound like when the gates to Heaven open...and I knew college was about to get a hell of a lot better.
So many memories--too many to know where to begin. But, the other one that sticks in my mind is when we (can't remember who "we" was; but a collective decision from many involved in the station) decided to play Soundgarden's "Big Dumb Love" on repeat until Janet Cox had to break in and put an end to our middle finger aimed at the Student Services.
DCV and all involved: The best three years of my life.