Friday, August 06, 2010

Resplendent/Downey - Respondent EP

Resplendent is (was?) the moniker used by Michael Lenzi of Number One Cup and The Fireshow to release his solo music. So far as I am aware, the last release under the Resplendent moniker was the 2007 Respondent EP, a collaboration between Lenzi and Mike Downey. Lenzi recorded the basic tracks and Downey remixed them. Lenzi describes the collaboration as follows:

In the beginning of 2005 I played my one and only show under the name of Resplendent. I had a band of 4 people consisting of Derek See (guitar), Pat O’Connell (guitar) and Joe Adamik (drums).

I was a bit discouraged after that and decided I needed to take a break. Perhaps that would revive me. It did temporarily and I set about recording an EP called Spring. I thought that I would release it under the name of Michael Lenzi, thus retiring the Resplendent moniker.

I came up with 3 songs which I recorded in a few weeks in my home studio Plastic Skull. I promptly shared them with a few people and forgot about them. My desire to make music vanished.

I did however share them on my website. That is how Mike Downey heard them. He contacted me and we talked about a collaboration but it fizzled on my end. I just couldn’t get the music going again.

He plugged away on his own and sent me a remixed track by email. It was awesome. He went ahead and did the other two tracks from the EP. I loved them so we decided to release the collaboration. This is it.

All my tracks were recorded using my two samplers: the AKAI MPC 2000 XL and the Roland DJ-70. I recorded them on a 1/2″ analog 8-track machine. Mike did his remixing, editing and additional recording in early 2007 at his home studio Funkis & Svettis in Stockholm using an iBook and Ableton Live.

I hope we haven't heard the last of Resplendent, because the music lives up to everything that is implied by the moniker. You can download the entire EP for free (legally) here. I highly recommend it.

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