Friday, November 19, 2010

This heaven gives me migraine

How many times must irony be murdered before it is well and truly dead?

The problem of leisure
What to do for pleasure
The body is good business
Sell out, maintain the interest
Ideal love a new purchase
A market of the senses
Dream of the perfect life
Economic circumstances
Ideal love a new purchase
A market of the senses
Remember Lot's wife
Renounce all sin and vice
Dream of the bourgeois life
This heaven gives me migraine


Doug said...

Hold on--it's not already "truly" dead?

Much as this Gang of Four track's message is lost on the makers of the ad (or perhaps gleefully ignored), the way that "irony" is misused has rendered the entire notion seemingly meaningless. So perhaps all bets are off with everything.

Pete Bilderback said...

Hi Doug, yes, irony was mercifully murdered in its sleep years ago via simple pillow/suffocation maneuver. Now we just occasionally disinter it and publicly pummel its fetid corpse for amusement.

Actually, much as I love Gang Of Four, their message was always so strident that perhaps it is entirely appropriate for this song to be used in this way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the key line is the 4th one...

Sell Out Maintain The Interest

Love your blog....

Big Ern xxxx

Melbourne Australia