Saturday, April 30, 2011

Abandoned Bible College

There's something horribly romantic and gothic about an abandoned Bible College. It's a subject that's ripe for all kinds of metaphors.

The truth in this case is actually rather prosaic. Zion Bible College decided to vacate their campus in Barrington, Rhode Island after the state instituted a stricter fire code in the wake of the Station Nightclub disaster. The school judged the costs of upgrading their facilities too expensive and moved to another town in Massachusetts.

The town of Barrington is now considering buying the property, so today the campus was open for public tours.

The photos below were taken by my son Will, and myself.

Photo by Will Bilderback
Photo by Will Bilderback

Photo by Will Bilderback

Photo by Will Bilderback

Photo by Will Bilderback

Photo by Will Bilderback

You can see more photos of the former Zion Bible School here.


Pete Bilderback said...

FYI, looks like the town of Barrington backed out of the sale after having the property inspected. The Town Council decided there were too many problems with the property that would be costly to fix (asbestos abatement, etc.).

It will be interesting to see what eventually becomes of the property.

Lou Bourbon Jr said...

I think a beautiful building like that should be knocked down...matter of fact...knock every building down that doesn't meet RI's knee jerk reactionary laws. The Station Inn was a tinderbox DUMP and according to new laws is this place.

Anonymous said...

I did my undergraduate degree there (1964-1968) when it was Barrington College. In 1985, Barrington went bankrupt and merged with Gordon College in Wenham, MA. The Barrington campus was sold and became the site of Zion Bible College, until Zion moved to Haverhill, MA in 2008.

Melinda said...

I attending Zion Bible Institute on this campus in the early 90's.. Lots of wonderful memories.. The "Castle", as we called it, the Stone house, was beautiful inside and out..Staff and Faculty lived there, offices, and the Pres. of the College lived there..

Lindsey leonard said...

It wasn't open in the early 90s do you mean late 80s?

Eric Seavey said...

It most certainly WAS open in the early 90's. I graduated Zion Bible Institute in June of '93.

Unknown said...

I attended Zion til 1989 Terence