Monday, June 13, 2011

Worst Album Covers?

I've seen many of lists of "worst album covers ever," but I don't think I've ever seen either of these two show up on any of them. They deserve consideration, at the very least.

The only thing that could make this one worse is if the baby wasn't holding a blanket.

Guys, couldn't you have just smeared clam dip on Karl's naked body again?

Feel free to make your own nominations in the comments.

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Strelnikov said...

There was this `70s country rock band called "Baby" and their first album cover was a collage of the band members either standing or sitting in front of this very chintzy-looking drawn background. What killed me was that the band photo had obviously been taken at seperate times because the lighting varied and the shadows were off. It was a self-titled album, saw it once on the Internet and I can't find it.

The gospel or evangelist covers are absolute dreck; it's usually them on stage, or outside a church, or standing next to the tour bus (!)....after 1972 their quality began slipping away; before some of them looked like tract covers or painted art. Then Nixon was canned and it became a series of drab photos with that mid-to-late 1970s drabness fakers cannot replicate. And I'm not talking about the PTL records, I'm thinking of the independents who cranked out one or two records and then gave up; the weird record cover websites are full of them.