Saturday, July 30, 2011


This Years Model - U.K. Edition (1978 Radar Records)

I found a nice U.K. copy of Elvis Costello and the Attractions' This Years Model on Radar Records on my birthday this year. With its "misprinted" title and color reference bars (which were part of Barney Bubbles' original conception for the cover), I always thought these looked way cooler than the U.S. Columbia edition. I'm told the U.K. version sounds better as well. 

The run out groove on side one says "Special pressing No. 003 Ring Moira on 434 3232 For Your Special Prize" and side two says "A Porky Prime Cut." The record is in excellent shape and it was only $10. I've wanted one of these for years, but never saw one at a price I wanted to pay. Another nice find at In Your Ear Records!

This Years Model - U.S. Edition (1978 Columbia Records)


Peter Hennig said...

Happy Birthday!

Nice find for sure. The Columbia edition really does water-down the original concept for the jacket. And another cryptic run-out groove message that will show up in a dream three years from now!

Pete Bilderback said...

I know "Porky Prime Cuts" (mastered by George Peckham) are highly prized (he would also sometime inscribe his masterings "Pecko" or "Pecko Duck").

I believe the LPs he mastered often had cryptic, Lord Of The Rings inspired, messages inscribed in the run-out groove.

I also pulled out my UK version of Armed Forces on Radar, and that also sounds way better than the Columbia version.

Maybe next year I'll find a nice clean Stiff UK copy of My Aim Is True and complete the trilogy.