Thursday, August 04, 2011

R.I.P. - Bubba Smith

I can't say I remember him playing for the Baltimore Colts, but I do remember his Miller Light commercials, and my Dad talking about what a great defensive lineman he was.

"I sure hope those horses can swim." That was pure comedy gold.


wardo said...

I still haven't gotten over losing Tackleberry, so I can't even consider handling this yet.

Mark N. said...

Here in the greater Lansing, Michigan area, Bubba will always be a Michigan State Spartan, and among the greatest players in school history. He anchored the defense of the '65-'66 teams that won consecutive Big Ten titles, shares of two national titles, with an overall record of 19-1-1.

Along with MSU coach Duffy Daugherty, and African-American teammates George Webster, Jimmy Raye, Gene Washington, et al, Bubba helped to integrate college athletics in the '60s. Michigan State had a "pipeline" of great African-American football players who could not play for their local colleges due to segregation. Once they realized northern schools like MSU were taking all of their great local talent, Southern schools changed their tune.

Anyway, Bubba was muched loved up here. My parents attended MSU the same time as Bubba and have LOTS of wonderful "Bubba stories".

Pete Bilderback said...

Hey Mark, as great as Bubba's pro career was, it was unfortunately cut short by a knee injury. But there is no question he was one of the greatest College ball players ever. Thanks for sharing.