Monday, February 13, 2012

Kingface, Fugazi, Scram, Slush Puppies...24 Years Ago

This is from today's post at the WDCV tumblr blog, and I noticed the date was exactly 24 years ago today. This show happened during my freshman year at Dickinson, and was booked by my friends David Brower and Michael Lenzi. Four bands for $3. Adjusted for inflation this would work out to about $5.70 today. Still, not a bad deal.

At the time Fugazi had yet to release their debut EP. Kingface was another D.C. area post-hardcore band, you can hear them on Dischord's State Of The Union compilation LP. SCRAM was white-boy ska/reggae act from Philly. The Slush Puppies featured a pre-Superchunk Mac McCaughan. They showed up selling a really cool box set of 7" singles called "Evil I Do Not" with contributions from other North Carolina acts like Wwax, Egg Egg, Black Girls and Angels of Epistemology. I foolishly sold my copy on eBay when I was in grad school because I needed to eat or something. If anybody has a copy, let me know, as I'd love to hear it again.

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