Monday, March 05, 2012

Another Old Radio Show

WDCV has audio from another of my old radio shows up on their tumblr blog. You'll need to go there directly to hear it. This show aired sometime in March of 1991, which means that the cassette tape I took the audio from will be old enough to buy a drink sometime this month.

Here is my playlist from that evening:
0:00 PSA Followed by bitter DJ Rant
0:38 Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - "Green Peppers"
2:05 Tom Zè - "Mã"
5:49 Sly And The Family Stone - "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)"
10:18 Daniel Owino Misiani - "Joshirati Misiani "
15:10 DJ Announcements
15:30 Fugazi - "Waiting Room" *listener request
18:20 Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - "Ella Guru"
20:48 Robyn Hitchcock - "The Ghost In You" [Psychedelic Furs Cover] *listener request
23:59 Phil Ochs - "Tape From California"
30:38 DJ Announcements
31:25 Chris McGreggor Brotherhood Of Breath - "Country Cooking"
36:30 Bad Brains - "Day Tripper/She's A Rainbow [Live]" [Beatles/Rolling Stones Cover]
41:00 Kip Kyler And His Flips - "Jungle Hop"
43:00 The Busters - "Bust Out"
45:30 Elvis Presley - "Patch It Up [Live]" *listener request
48:56 DJ Announcements
49:35 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Multihorn Variations"
54:26 Das Damen - "Sky Yen"
57:05 Gilberto Gil - "Quilombo, o El Dorado Negro"
61:28 Snakefinger - "The Man In The Dark Sedan"
65:46 Tom Waits - "16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six"
70:18 Sun Ra And His Arkestra - "Space Is The Place"
79:10 DJ Announcements
79:51 Sly And The Family Stone - "Ride The Rhythm" and "Family Affair"
85:23 Love - "You I'll Be Following"
87:40 Yung Wu - "Aspiration"
91:17 The Mekons - "I Can't Find My Money" [Cuts Off]
I think I was in a slightly pissed off mood that evening, in part because I was going to be graduating in a couple months and wouldn't have a radio show anymore. Also, at the time I felt certain songs were getting overplayed on the station (I specifically mention Material Issue's "Valerie Loves Me" in my opening rant, and I have to confess I still find that song slightly annoying). I was very much of the view that college radio should have a freewheeling, "anything goes" kind of vibe to it, and not simply mimic the highly repetitive nature of commercial radio with a different playlist of "hits." Not everyone shared, or even appreciated, that vision which is understandable. 

My playlist that evening was an attempt to redress that balance, although I notice that some college radio favorites of the era also make appearances. Some of those were listener requests, but even at my most bitter I wasn't the kind of person who was going to turn down a request for music by Fugazi or Robyn Hitchcock in order to prove some pedantic point. And I certainly would never turn down a request to play Elvis the King under any circumstances.

While I winced a couple times listening to my opening rant, I still find this pretty fun to listen to, and when the tape cut off during The Mekons' "I Can't Find My Money" I was pretty bummed, not just because it's a great song, but because I found myself wondering what I was going to play next.


Anonymous said...


I'm sure the Robyn Hitchcock cover was my request. I'd forgotten how free form your set lists had become.


Doug said...

At least you had a college had a radio station where students could have a show; at mine they'd given the facilities over to a professional jazz station (and it's not a bad one, but still).

The trickiest part of seeing sets like this is realizing how small an audience there is for such an eclectic mixture.

Pete Bilderback said...

One of my top requirements for a college was that it have a student run radio station. Good academics, favorable student to faculty ratio...I'm not saying those things didn't matter to me, but not being able to get behind the wheels of steel would have been a dealbreaker. This was college radio's heyday, and I wanted in on the action.

My sets weren't always this eclectic. In fact, this was probably far more eclectic than usual. The other show I have up here is probably more typical.

But, rightly or wrongly, I was never too concerned about scaring off listeners. I figured commercial radio's job was to make sure people stayed tuned at all costs so they would hear the commercials. I felt like my job was to try to expose underrepresented artists, and also to challenge people and their assumptions about music. That's probably a pretty freaking pretentious attitude for a punk kid who didn't know shit about music, but what can I say? I was young.

One thing that surprised me listening to this was that I was still getting requests late into the show, so somebody must have been listening, if not necessarily enjoying what they heard.