Tuesday, July 17, 2012

JICO Stylus

Jico stylus of Japan has long offered high quality replacement styluses for phonographic cartridges. In contrast to most aftermarket stylus manufacturers, Jico produces replacement styluses that not only match the quality of the original stylus, they often surpass them. I have been using their SAS [Super Analog Stylus] replacement stylus for a Shure M97xE cartridge, and the Jico stylus transformed the cartridge from a rather ordinary (even boring) sounding cart to something that competes sonically with much higher priced cartridges (sadly, I would know as I've owned some of them).

Jico has just completed a redesign of their website, and are asking their customers to pass along the word. I would be happy to do so even if they were not offering a free t-shirt as a reward. If you have a moving magnet (or moving iron) cartridge with a user replaceable stylus, I highly recommend checking Jico's website to see if they offer a replacement for your cart.

Record fanatics like me owe the dedicated craftsmen at companies like Jico a huge debt of thanks. Without their continued dedication it would no longer be possible to enjoy high quality vinyl playback.

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