Saturday, July 07, 2012

Lock Up Your Daughters

Insert from Let It Bleed LP (1969)
This insert that came with the Rolling Stones' 1969 LP Let It Bleed promoting the Rolling Stones Fan Club struck me a slight incongruous. With the possible exception of new Stone Mick Taylor, these guys just look well past the tenny-bopper/fan club phase by this point in their career. A fun artifact, nevertheless.

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Nich Haber said...

I am currently reading Bill German's book, "Under Their Thumb" which describes exactly how this came to be. A 16 year old kid from Brooklyn became obsessed with he Stones and started writing a fanzine called Beggars Banquet. It was so good that Keef told his mom if she ever needed to know where he was, to ask Bill German. The Stones co-opted Beggars Banquet by starting this fan club