Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bob Mould - Silver Age

This is the best thing I've heard from Bob Mould in a long time. His new album, Silver Age, will be released this Tuesday, September 4th on Merge Records (along with fellow North Carolina label Yep Roc the premiere refuge for 80s and 90s indie rockers). It sounds to me like Bob listened pretty closely to the Sugar reissues that recently came out on Merge and it put him back in touch with what he is best at: creating loud, melodic rock music. His post-Sugar solo albums have had their moments, but I feel like he's spent the past fifteen years running away from his strengths. If the advance single, "The Descent," is any indication, this sounds like a welcome return to form.


Mark N said...

As someone who loves Husker Du, Sugar, the firt two Bob solo albums (Workbook, Black Sheets), but hasn't been knocked out by what he's done since (though District Line had some good tunes on it), I am SO looking forward to picking up this album. If "The Descent" is any indication, it's a fine return to form.

Mark N. said...

Pete, I inadvertently (sort of) plagiarized you in my comment. Sorry!!

Pete Bilderback said...

You're not plagiarizing at all, and I suspect you and I are not the only two who feel the same way.