Thursday, April 18, 2013

R.I.P. - Scott Miller (Game Theory/Loud Family)

It's really hard for me to write at the moment, because my own father just passed and I'm taking some time to take stock of things, think about life, mourn, etc. My Dad was one of the most important people in my life, I love him and miss him terribly, and it feels weird for me to write about anything else, especially another person's passing. But I could not let the death of Scott Miller--of Game Theory and Loud Family fame--go without mention. 

Bands like Game Theory were a big part of my original impetus for starting this blog; my primary focus has always been great acts that never got the attention they deserved during their lifetime but made music that should not be forgotten. I'd put the music of Scott Miller near the top of that list. His music was catchy, beautiful, thoughtful and smart--but somehow, inexplicably--never popular. He's often labelled a "power pop" artist, but the tag does not do him justice because his music always had an experimental/arty side that was far more sophisticated than generic power pop. Here is something I wrote about Game Theory way back in 2006 when I first started this blog.

This is really sad news, at 53, Scott was way too young to leave us. I was just thinking the other day that with all the 80s indie acts reuniting that Game Theory should really get back together. Apparently Scott was planning on recording a new Game Theory album this summer. What a shame that won't happen. I'm sure I would have eagerly covered it here.

One of the best shows I ever saw was Game Theory with Yo La Tengo and Peter Holsapple/Chris Stamey at Maxwell's in Hoboken in October of 1988. I talked to Scott after the show and he was really sweet and gracious.
(Looking through the "Ask Scott" archives on the Loud Family website, apparently that was one of Scott's favorite shows ever as well). 

The Loud Family website has made every Game Theory album (more or less) available for free download so you don't have to pay rip off prices for the long out-of-print CDs.

Scott was a brilliant musician and writer who left us far too soon, and whose genius never got the recognition it deserved during his lifetime. Sad.


wardo said...

Ouch. Hang in there.

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Celeste said...

To honor Scott, please donate to this educational fund set up for his children: Peace to all.

Pete Bilderback said...

Thanks Celeste!