Wednesday, June 12, 2013

College Radio Show: WDCV 88.3 FM, Summer 1990

Here's another of my college radio shows from 1990. This one is kind of weird. First of all, I must be the only DJ ever to follow Public Enemy's "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" with The Young Fresh Fellows' "Taco Wagon." I have no idea what I was thinking there.

At the time the station had hip-hop shows and it had college rock shows, but there was zero overlap between them. I viewed it as a kind of musical apartheid. I felt that the best hip-hop ought to be getting airplay outside of the ghetto of "urban" shows. While my attempt at musical integration was a good idea in theory, following Public Enemy with the Young Fresh Fellows just shows how hard it was to successfully pull it off in practice. It also arguably smacks of tokenism. I was trying anyway.

Another odd thing about this tape is that in over 50 minutes I did not speak once. I guess I was ignoring the "When You Play It, Say It" stickers record labels were slapping on their promos back then.

All that said, there is some good music here, including a track from Kirk Kelly that I had recorded live in the studio earlier in the year. Other artists featured include: ALL, The Jack Rubies, Thee Hypnotics, Iggy Pop, The Pretenders, King Missile, Sonic Youth, Game Theory, Christmas, The Walkabouts and Beat Happening. Lots of good music, but it doesn't fit together very well.

I recorded over side two of this cassette, so I hate to think how embarrassing that side must have been.


Doug said...

Where else would the brothers work it out but AT the taco wagon?

I've had this stupid idea about a bar where we'd play everything from punk to blues, classic rock to western swing, hip hop to alternative. Heck, maybe even jazz. Trying to find a way to meld all that together--the cool popular stuff mixed with the somewhat obscure but catchy--and eventually I realize the only reason anybody would show up would be if the bartenders were hot.

This is what those of us who didn't have college radio shows still think about 20 years later. At least you (perhaps) got it out of your system.

But I'm guessing not.

Pete Bilderback said...

Doug, I'd buy a drink there.