Monday, April 20, 2015

Cat Butt

My favorite Record Store Day 2015 find, a promotional photo of Cat Butt from Sub Pop Records. I can't imagine they printed a lot of these.

My local record store (In Your Ear) has a stack of promo photos that I had never bothered to look through before. On Record Store Day I noticed a young woman looking through the photos, and when she came across this promo photo of the legendary Sub Pop grunge act Cat Butt she started laughing and showing it to her friends. They all thought the fact that there was once a band called "Cat Butt" was hilarious. After she sat the photo down I grabbed it and gave her a long lecture about the importance of respecting her elders, followed by a dissertation on the aesthetics of great art.

I bought the photo with my Record Store Day purchases which included the OFF! BBC sessions 10" and the Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift 7". I'm pretty sure the store didn't actually charge me for it. Now I just have to find an appropriate frame.

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