Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Love's Reel To Real Finally To Be Reissued By High Moon Records

High Moon Records recently announced they will be reissuing Love's 1974 album Reel To Real on LP, CD and Digital Download with 11 bonus tracks.

Real To Real did not sell well on initial release, has never been reissued on CD, and has been out-of-print since for decades. For many years Reel To Real was held in disrepute by clueless music critics who could never forgive Arthur Lee for moving on from Forever Changes. It even made one authoritative "worst albums ever" list. But there has been a critical re-evaluation of it in recent years. I wrote about my rediscovery of of the album, and my realization that it was actually really good back in 2007.

Real To Real is not Arthur Lee's finest hour, but it's a terrific, soulful album that could have been a commercially successful new direction for Lee and his cohorts if things had unfolded a little differently. High Moon does fantastic work, and this will be well worth purchasing for any Love/Arthur Lee fan. My original goal for this blog was to raise the profile of music I thought had been unjustly overlooked, so I'm always happy to see one of the releases I championed reissued, especially when done with such obvious care and respect.