Monday, April 04, 2016

Record Store Day 2016: The Feelies

Every year Record Store Day Releases seem a little more gimmicky and a little less exciting to me. This EP of covers from The Feelies did catch my eye however. Covers are always one of my favorite part of live Feelies shows, as they always manage to both make the songs uniquely their own as well as demonstrate the depth of influence of the artist they choose to cover.

"7 Days" (Bob Dylan)
"Take It As It Comes" (The Doors)
"Dancing Barefoot" (Patti Smith)
"Barstool Blues" (Neil Young)

I heard the band cover "Take It As It Comes" when I saw the band live last year, and they really ripped into the song with abandon. "Dancing Barefoot" and "Barstool Blues" were both recorded for promo b-sides during their A&M years. I don't know if these are newly recorded versions, or if they used the previously released recordings. I noticed these and other b-side covers were left off the recent Bar-None 'Only Life' and 'Time For A Witness' reissues in favor of more recently recorded material.

I would love to see The Feelies release an entire album of covers someday, but I doubt that will ever happen. Given how unlikely that is to happen, this EP is certainly a must-own for any serious Feelies fan (is there any other kind?).