Saturday, July 28, 2018

Second Listen - Audio Technica AT95E vs Numark/Ion Groove Tool

Here's another comparison between the Audio Technica AT95E and the Numark/Ion Groove Tool:

This time I picked "Why Can't I Be You" from a 1987 U.S. Elektra pressing of The Cure's 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me'. I chose this in part because it's a typical, bright sounding 80s mastering and I wanted to hear how the differing tonal balances of the two carts would affect the music.

You can make up your own mind which sounds better, but I will say it's not the slam dunk in favor of the more expensive Audio Technica I hoped it would be. I still think the Groove Tool is a bit too bright, but it has better stereo separation than the AT95E which is also possibly just a little too recessed in the treble.

In the coming days I'll do some comparisons with two other popular carts at around the $100 price mark to see how they compare: The Shure M97xE, and the highly regarded Nagaoka MP-110.

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